Early Night

Southern California Photographer- Here is a link to our work featured on AisleMemories.

We are Nancy and Eddie, two photographers with traveling hearts and wandering eyes based in Southern California. Our definition of a perfect day starts with an amazing cup of coffee, eating burgers, and sushi. We co-parent a little baby girl named Pixel and she is the cutest kitty in the world.

We enjoy being all up in your face to get you laughing and then run off super far away because we have to get an epic landscape shot to get all moody and whimsical. We LIVE for those in-between moments and our job is to bring out the best in you. We’re the exploring type and get inspired by just those small glimpses of emotion in people’s lives and we want to stick ourselves right in the middle of that. We’re the type of photographers for the people who aren’t too traditional, who aren’t afraid to be silly and go out of the box, and who are just down to kick it with some coffee. Our style is about capturing candid emotional moments because we want you to feel like yourselves in your photos.

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